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All serious competitors realise the importance of diet when preparing for an event. In the Powley Vale we feel likewise. Your body is after all a temple and should be respected as such. A balanced diet is important with all the main food groups included, porridge, bacon and cabbage, semolina and Guinness are all essential to get yourself into peak physical condition. So le ts look at a range of options for each meal during the week.

Breakfast: well really there is no alternative here, Porridge is yer only man. So Mon to Sun pop on the porridge oats, some suggest soak over night, some use there new fangled microwaveable oats but for me there is nothing better that a half a cup of oats, a pinch of salt and two cups of water brought to the boil and simmer for 5 mins each morning. A spoon full of sugar and fresh milk. Some fancy people put fruit or honey or god forbid both into their porridge. A mug of milky warm tae and sure your set up for the day.

Dinner: Now some people call this meal LUNCH and have their DINNER at tea time, I don't know why. Dinners should have spuds, in skins, mashed, steamed or boiled, what ever way you like best but don't forget the lump of butter. Vegs can be carrotts, turnips, cabbage or parsnips don't mind these fancy nancy excuses for vegetables you hear of nowadays like broccoli or courgettes, stick with what you know. Meats can be bacon, liver, chops (pork or lamb) and on Sunday you can roast a Chicken, a Rib Roast or a Leg of Lamb.

Tea: Acceptable tea's include bread an jam, a poached or fried egg, a slice of swiss roll, calvita cheese on bread. Warm milky tae.

Late night snack: bottle of Guinness and a whiskey chaser.

So there you have it, the Wellie Plan, and remember look your self in the mirror every morning and tell yourself "I will be a Wellie Champion".

Coming next week mentalisation, prepare yourself mentally for the day, see the race, win the race, the Powley Vale motivational guru Dr Seamie will take you through the PV program.

The Castlecomer International Wellie Race - Every New Years Day!