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Ok lads its time to get down to business. Unfortunately our nine week training program will have to be crammed into 8 weeks as I slipped a disc last week fetching my special Wellie Race Wellies with the go faster stripes down from the cupboard that I keep them in in-between races. I over stretched and next thing I knew I was in so much pain that I felt like I had been flattened by a train. I had to lie down immediately and couldn't move for days, so let that be a lesson to you the first thing we have to do in our revised 8 week program get your Wellies ready for New Year's Day. New or old, black or green, full length or turned down you've got to "Pimp Your Wellies". To achieve this first important step in the training program you will need a number of items. A pair of preferably Green Wellies (easier to decorate) Available in Rowe's Hardware or Country Life A range of permanent markers in different colours. Available in Holohan's Gift Centre or The Book Shop Transfers, optional Tinsel or other accessories Glitter

Now this is not a time to be conservative. Let your creativity flow, bring your personality to the Wellies and let them shine. If your Wellies look the part then you will be the part. For hints and idea's look at the links we will post in the coming days. Next week, "The Wellie Race Plan", a new weight loss program guaranteed to shift those stubborn pounds until then keep up your training and repeat to yourself in the mirror every morning "I will be a Wellie Champion"

The Castlecomer International Wellie Race - Every New Years Day!